How to distinguish high-quality  Malayer raisins?

How to distinguish high-quality Malayer raisins?

 To distinguish quality and high-quality Malayer raisins, you should keep several points in mind:


Raisins are sorted and packed using X-ray and laser machines, as a result, the higher the purity, the better the quality. High purity means less rotten seeds, less seeds, less tailed seeds.


One of the uses of acid solution in the production of raisins is early drying and color stabilization, so one of the criteria for distinguishing the quality of raisins is its color. The brighter the sour raisin and the more yellow, green and golden seeds, the better the quality.


It should have standard moisture and softness so that it does not put pressure on the teeth and is easy to chew. If the raisin has hard kernels, it should be doubted whether the raisin is fresh and there is a possibility that the raisin is old.

size (fine and coarse)

Fine raisins are mostly used for cooking and coarse ones are used for snacks. So if you use them for cooking, fine ones are more suitable. smell

Sour raisins are disinfected by sulfur and polished by paraffin oil, these two make it have a special aroma. The less this aroma and smell is, it shows that these raisins have been in the packaging carton for a longer time.

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